Stuart Davies

President, North/South Consultants Inc.

The reliable operation of our network has become critical to continued success of North/South Consultants meeting our clients needs. We considered hiring a full time systems administrator to manage our network, and turned to Transparent Solutions for advice. They proposed to manage and monitor our network remotely, as well as provide help desk support for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time employee. Transparent Solutions won our business not only because of their excellent value, but because they have consistently proven their expertise. We are now totally confident that our network is reliable, secure, and properly managed.

Dr. Peter

Stevenson-Moore BDS, MSD, MRCD(C), FCDS(BC)

Until we discovered Transparent Solutions we were experiencing all sorts of computer problems both at home and at work, which were causing frustration, and frequently were not being resolved. Since our contact with Transparent Solutions, we have computers that work at home and that connect with the computers of our University student offspring when they return home; and we have a networked office. Transparent Solutions has built two of the machines that for the dollar spent, are more powerful than anything that we were able to find on the web or in the stores, and that exceed the specifications by far! And that isn't the end of it. For a very modest price, Transparent Solutions solves ongoing problems, both ones that we create, and those that are inherent in the hard and software. Sometimes it is as easy as doing it by a phone call or email. What a relief! Frustration levels are now a fraction of what they used to be, and the savings of money, time and nervous energy are similarly great. My family and my office staff recommend Transparent Solutions' services without reservation.

Tom Hleucka

Owner, Midland Appliances

Before outsourcing our IT to Transparent Solutions we suffered a number of problems and outages with our system from so called experts in networking. We have three locations connecting to our main office with our whole system dependant on POS (point of sale). Being live at all times is crucial to our business and operations as well as our bottom line. After commissioning Transparent Solutions to restructure our system it was within no time we were back consistently online. Their regular monitoring sources any potential system problems before, not after they happen. We find that they are easy and willing to work with us to develop our systems for the future. I personally recommend Transparent Solutions and would suggest that if you require more details, to feel free and call me.

Rod Williscroft

President, Totem Appliance and Refrigeration

We started using Transparent Solutions for our IT needs in the fall of 2007. Since then I have found that my IT headaches have vanished. If I have a problem, I usually find out about it after the fact while I am reading their monthly report. Transparent Solutions is very quick to respond to any problems that arise and has made a number of helpful suggestions to make my company run much smoother. Their offsite backup feature is just one of them. I would not hesitate to recommend Transparent to any company who is looking for a top notch IT partner.  

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