Cut costs and boost productivity by hosting your business in the cloud

Traditional, hardware-based IT infrastructure can be expensive and riddled with technical problems. With our comprehensive Vancouver cloud services, you can leave these messy IT-related issues behind. Take advantage of TransparentOffice to quickly deploy enterprise-class applications without the associated cost and burden of owning, managing, and supporting the applications or the underlying technical infrastructure.

TransparentOffice goes beyond just a technology solution to address core business needs:

  • Predictable budgeting – Transparent Solutions will provide professional technical services at a monthly, fixed cost
  • Low costs – lower your IT support expenses by standardizing and centralizing the location of your IT infrastructure
  • Low responsibility – shift the responsibility of managing data and technology decisions to Transparent Solutions
  • Immediate support – if any issues do arise, Transparent Solutions will provide immediate virtual desktop support
  • Increase productivity and flexibility – allow your employees to work at other office locations, from home, or while travelling
  • Allow for growth – TransparentOffice makes it easy to add software, services, branch offices and physical locations, employees, and contractors

Cloud Hosted Solutions

Transparent Solutions will host all server hardware, software, and infrastructure, eliminating the need for any large up-front capital costs or licensing. This will ensure your ability to scale up operations as your company grows and expands. All cloud services are provided at a flat-rate per user per month pricing system with simple and flexible terms.

Dedicated high-speed connections to fixed office locations around the world, combined with local data caching technologies, allows users to access their data and services both remotely and locally, as needed. Applications consume just a fraction of the network bandwidth usually required. Our datacentre is located in Kelowna, one of the most geologically stable regions in North America, so you can rest assured that your company will run smoothly no matter what

If your company is growing, has multiple office locations or may in the future, or frequently requires employees to work from outside of the office, then TransparentOffice is the perfect solution to your business’s technology needs.

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TransparentOffice can be blended with other ‘Cloud Computing’ technologies such as Hosted Exchange, Office365, Google Apps, and many others to provide unlimited cost effective scalability and built-in resilience for disaster recovery scenarios.

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